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Sydney’s leading hospitality and food service supplier, and master distributors of Devondale, Sungold and Pure Jersey Milk.

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Our client promise

At Nick's Food Milk More, we offer a professional and personal service with a focus on quality, reliability, and value.

Your business is our business, so trust us to deliver your most important products on time every time, and be assured that you have access to an award winning range of milk and over 1,500 other products.

We work hard to support local farmers and food manufacturers as we aim to become more eco-friendly and supportive of sustainable business goals.

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Nick V - Director & Owner
Client relationships are our priority. They are built from trust, assurance, and the quality of our products and services. You can expect us to go out of our way to support and empower your business.

As a family owned business grown to service our industry professionals, we have and will continue to provide quality products and an assured level of service to our clients.

Premium Jersey Milk

We know what’s important to you, because it’s important to us. That’s why our premium milk range includes Sungold Pure Jersey Milk. Containing only naturally produced A2 beta-casein protein from Purebred Jersey Cows. Our sweetest and creamiest milk, your customers will love it as much as we do.

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Devondale Milk for Cafes

Devondale is a new café favorite, produced locally here in New South Wales with only free grazing cows. Our new Devondale milk range for cafes is also cost friendly with no compromise in quality. Contact us today for a quote.

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Sungold Milk

Sungold is specialty coffees' original milk produced by outdoor free grazing cows in Warrnambool Victoria. Sungold holds a long legacy of award winning milk for coffee and makes up our most reputable milk range.

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Other essential products

With over 40 years experience, 30+ daily delivery routes, and a wide product range of over a thousands products - Nick's Food is dedicated to making your hospitality business run smooth. There's everything to love about Nick's Food from our competitive prices to flexible delivery option, and Australia's best milk range for coffee.

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